Here is how Greece is progressing after challenging 2020-21


The challenges that emerged from the collaboration with the schools is that all the participating institutions required an official approval from the Ministry of Education in order to commence their collaboration with us, and therefore the implementation of the Model in their school. In identifying the issues that occurred throughout the project, the bureaucracy involved in the aforementioned approval of the project’s implementation in schools, has affected the application of the Model’s timely implementation.

After the ToT training in Bulgaria, Four Elements had selected three schools to participate in the application of the Model, but the third school finally was not able to participate. This was the second challenge that we faced and, despite the fact that we replaced it with a new school, the responsible teacher informed us that we have to find for one more time another school. The latest updates and measures regarding COVID-19 offered another challenge, as all schools suspended their work not only in March 2020, but also now and at least until mid-January making it difficult to gather official documents, and organize project events. 

The main achievements in 2020 were the trainings that were complete in the selected schools, but maybe the most important achievement is that 1 of the school -2nd Peiramatiko Gymnasio Athinon- has completed the application of the model as it was the 1st school that we have selected and the responsible teacher, Mr. Lazaridis, with his team decided to deal with the topic “Partnership with parents” with a very crucial conclusion after the 1st quarantine and distance learning and this was that some students were differentiated in terms of their participation in the lessons, which is related to their integration into the school community.

We continue with our efforts at implementing the Model in Greek schools. 

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