Days of Inclusion in Greece already celebrated in 2 schools

The Days of Inclusion was successfully implemented in the first two participating schools of Greece, the 2nd Experimental High School and the Model Evangelical School of Smyrna.

In both schools a suggested agenda by Four Elements was suggested and followed.

In the 2nd Experimental High School event, and the Evangelical Model School of Smyrna, there were 22-25 adult participants (teachers and parents) and 60 students, with a total of 82-85 participants respectively.

The events took place on a weekday so that the majority of the interested students and teachers from the school, along with the parents and higher education students were able to participate.

“It was useful to involve the students in this event, because they were not entirely informed about the Model until now. It is respectful to keep them in the loop of what they are involved in” – Alexander Lazarides, 2nd Experimental Gymnasium of Athens

“We talked to each other about the results of the Model implementation, and it was a great opportunity to involve students, make them part of something bigger” – Andreas Kallinikos, Evangelical Model School of Smyrna

“The application of the model gives us the tools and methods to actually measure the impact of the actions that we already take, in order to practice inclusive education” – Eirini Arnaouti, Evangelical Model School of Smyrna