ToT SMILE … Starting the journey

During November and December of 2019, the 12 hours training on the SMILE methodology to promote Incluvie Education took place in Lousã, Portugal, promoted by ARCIL under de ERASMUS+ programme. During 3 sessions, 4 team members from ARCIL delievered the ToT to a group of teachers, specialists and parents. The training also engaged one representative from the Board of a Public School from Lousã.

The ToT was the “start of a journey”; the trainers are now part of the teams that will assess and intervene in 3 Inclusive Education schools during 1 and a half school years, foccusing on the following areas:

- Inclusive Leadership; 

- Pedagogical Practices;

- Partnership with Parents;

- Child Safeguarding.

The trainers are extremely thankful for all the enthusiasm from the participants!